Freddie Mercury’s Stage Costume – The Iconic Yellow Jacket

Freddie Mercury’s Stage Costume – The Iconic Yellow Jacket

Freddie Mercurys stage costume 1980
Freddie Mercury’s Stage Costume – Keep in mind while Freddie Mercury wore his iconic yellow jacket at Wembley Stadium. The year was 1986, three hundred and sixty-five days after Live Aid had cemented Queen as rock royalty. Frontman Mercury returned on stage for his final tour.

Freddie Mercury British rock singer, songwriter & flamboyant showman

Freddie spent most of the ’70s in a fantastic array of wild, low-cut leotards. He reduces a more significant immediately-laced parent in an army-fashion jacket, albeit one with more than one gold buckle in a  vibrant yellow hue.

The jacket made its debut for the duration of Queen’s “Magic” excursion, a two-month trip via Europe. It became Queen’s most distinguished tour ever, and sadly the last for Mercury who had become identified with AIDS.  he sadly passed away five years later at the age of 45.

Superstar in action on stage at Wembley stadium 1980.

The iconic yellow jacket

His well-known yellow jacket changed into considered one of three army-style cropped coats created using his buddy and dress fashion designer, Diana Moseley.  The layout turns into reportedly inspired through Spanish opera costumes with featured gold buckles, eyelets, silver, and white trims.

Mercury with white trousers that had a red stripe down each leg, embellished with gold. The shade scheme changed into said to be a nod to the Spanish flag, even though yellow had become one of the singer’s desired colors.

The 1980s

At the time, the ECU Union became developing in strength and adding new members, such as Spain and Portugal. However, it would be years earlier than the disintegrate of communism in East Germany. The Berlin Wall fall in 1989. The USA destroyed a Soviet reactor at Chernobyl in Ukraine, sending radioactive fabric through the surroundings above Europe.

In opposition to the backdrop of one of the world’s worst nuclear failures. Fear changed into a new development of a lethal new ailment known as AIDS. Via the stop of 1986, the sector health organization might receive reports of greater than 38,000 instances across 85 countries. It was a computerized dying sentence — one which leads to Freddie Mercury’s death in 1991.

The singers embody of an extra regimented look pondered a broader trend for uniformity, primarily of the denim variety, inside the mid-Nineteen Eighties.

In reality, the bluecoats have been so ubiquitous in 1986, that the creative minds in the returned of Blitz mag. They requested 22 prominent designers to reimagine the garment for an exhibition at London’s V&A Museum. Then at a later date later the Louvre in Paris.

Famous quotes Freddie Mercury

“I won’t be a Rock Star. I will be a Legend”

“I’m just a musical prostitute, my dear.”

“Modern paintings are like women, you’ll never enjoy them if you try to understand them.”’

Freddie Mercury

In standing with Mercury’s finest costumes, the navy jacket stands out as a nod to Freddie’s extra command.  A man firmly on top of things of his high-quality talent and reputation. He confirmed this on a level at Wembley.  Directing tens of lots of enthusiasts to observe his lead as he demonstrated his massive vocal range.


The yellow jacket’s closing public document was its sale. The jacket was sold at Bonham’s auctioneers for just over £26,000.

comprising of a distinctive bright yellow jacket in military fashion with multi-buckle fastenings and a couple of white trousers with gold piping laid on a red stripe, left leg with pocket, collectively with a declaration of provenance.  Freddie Mercury wore this exceptional outfit during Queen’s sell-out ‘Magic ‘ European tour 1986. Also appearing in the single release video ‘The Miracle’ in 1989.

 freddie mercury original stage costume and yellow jacket


The closest you could get to look is a bronze sculpture of Mercury in Montreux, Switzerland. Enthusiasts regularly send yellow flowers on the web site. They would appear as much as the ten-foot statue of a man who injected so much into the music industry.  The fashion, the aura, and the flamboyance of a person who will never be forgotten.

bronze statue freddie mercury in Montreux, Switzerland

Laura Kania wearing our Freddie Mercury’s Stage Costume in Montreux, Switzerland


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