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Photographs and texts on this web site .....every now and again we discover certain websites have chosen to ' borrow' our copyrighted photographs so we have had to resort to putting large water marks on them to try and stop them from doing this.. we apologize that we have had to resort to this..

The photo images that appear on our web site are professional photos we have taken of the clothing we manufacture. We reserve and retain exclusive copyrights to these photo images.  The only photos that appear on our web site that have not been taken by our photographer, are images sent in by our customers who are wearing clothing they have purchased from us.  These images were kindly sent to us for placement on our Customer Gallery Page page.

Taking good professional looking photographs takes a lot of time! Please be assured that if you see any of our photographs on another site they are not in any way connected to us and you will be probably be risking buying an inferior product... If they are not confident enough to photo graph their own products this must show they are not confident to make them to the same high standard either.. thanking you for reading this notice..

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6 Months Credit
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