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Steampunk Clothing Jackets Costumes & Ideas

Steampunk costumes represent the period of time when society was steam-powered. Here is a gallery of some of our amazing customers and ideas...


A big thank you to Marc for sending this superb photo of him wearing our Silver Braid Hussars Tunic at The Time Museum, Upton, Nottinghamshire 2018


A lovely picture of David wearing our Stand & Deliver Waistcoat at a splendid day out at the steampunk festival in Morecambe


A big thank you to Marc for sending this superb photo of him wearing our David Hemming Charge Of The Light Brigade Jacket at the Retford Steampunk Ball 2018


Thank you Dave Jenkins for sending us this superb photograph wearing our Hussars Dolman


Thank you Dave Griffiths for sending us this superb photograph of the gentlemen wearing our jackets at Haworth steampunk weekend..


Thank you David for sending this photo looking superb wearing our Leicester Yeomanry Dolman at a steampunk fair


Thank you for the photos Gerard (wearing our Charge of Light Brigade Jacket at the Whitby Steampunk Weekend)


Thank you Tim (on the right) for sending us this superb cosplay photo wearing a customized version our our The Fall Waiscoat

A big thank you to professional contortionist Philipp for sending these superb photos wearing our Hussars Dolman in Silver Braid (Philipp  www.facebook.com/Tigris.contortion  instagram philipp.tigris )


Thank you Christine @sewstine or site www.sewstine.com for sending these exciting photos in cosplay uniform wearing our hussars dolman


Thank you Gionata loi x (wearing our military jacket) Circus Performer




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