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Ladies Measurements

Tips for Good Measurements,

(Please Fill In The Chart Carefully Below)

The better your measurements are, the better your dress will be. Here are some helpful hints:

* Buy a flexible, tailors' tape measure. Do not try to use a ruler or a hardware tape measure.

* Stand in front of a full length mirror to see that you are putting the tape measure in the correct places

* Ask a friend to help you.

* Wear the shoes, bra or girdle you plan to use when you wear the dress, as you measure yourself.

* Wear your shoes if you want the length of the dress to cover them. If you want your shoes to show, do not wear them when you measure your shoulder to floor length.

* Do not hold in your stomach or expand your chest as you measure them.

* Do not put on weight before your dress arrives!

IMPORTANT! Please confirm if you are a CUP SIZE A, B, C, D or DD,

Please supply all details ( IN INCHES ) with care and as accurately as possible.


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Dress or costume number
1. Bust
2. Waist
3. Top Hip 13cm below waist
4. Hip 20cm below waist
5. Center shoulder to bust point
6. Neck for necklace
7. Shoulder to wrist
8. Biceps
9. Wrist for cuffs
10. Neck to waist
11. Waist to knee
12 .Waist to floor no heels
13. Shoulder to floor no heels
14. Required dress length Important
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