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Hussars Dolman / Tunic - Gilt Braiding

Sale: $594.99
Save: 15% off

Hello, I received the tunic yesterday, and I am really thrilled with it. It is absolutely stunning. Beautiful workmanship, lavish embroidery, really, really well made.. and fits me perfectly. It has really far exceeded my expectations.. and I am delighted with it. Even my wife thinks it is amazing (and she doesn't bother with anything I'm interested in)

The attention to detail is just perfect. It is actually nicer than most of the Hussar tunics in film and on TV. It was the most expensive jacket I ever bought, but I am so happy with it.. it was worth every penny. It is the nicest article of clothing I probably will ever buy, and I know it is so well made, It would do me till I'm an old man. I am a bagpiper, I will wear this on parade with great pride.

Please pass on my gratitude and compliments to all your staff who were involved in making this.. and getting it to me, well within my requested date. Your staff are a credit to you. Also please feel free to use any of this email in your product review web pages.

I look forward now to the arrival of the aiguillette, I will tell you when this arrives. Thank you so, so much again, I couldn't be happier with it.. and again, please pass this on to your staff.
Take care

by Alam Mac Archie

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