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Kings Royal Rifle Corps Brigade Pelisse Tunic 1815-1836


Hi Daniel,
Just a quick email to let you know that my artillery tunic has arrived safely and that I am DELIGHTED with it . It fits perfectly and is superbly made …one day I’ll get it into a painting for sure!
I’m serious about ordering another tunic from you this time the Light Brigade jacket because although I mentioned in a past message I’d be interested in the Napoleonic hussars tunic I figure I can make, within my paintings, the light brigade jacket do for two historical periods instead of just one. Also although I know it’s a bit cheeky would there be any discount if I ordered a waistcoat at the same time? I probably can’t afford it but I thought I’d ask.
I will send through an order for the Light Brigade tunic in a couple of weeks…size exactly as the tunic I am now the proud possessor of.
Again very many thanks….great work!

Best regards,

Chris ..

by Chris

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