British 11th Hussars Busby and Cap Lines British Royal Horse Artillery


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British 11th Hussars Busby – complete with plume

Custom Made Busby – we are specialists in constructing historically accurate and well-made military headdresses. Completely bespoke exactly to your requirements…

British Royal Horse Artillery 11th Hussars Busby

RHA British 11th Hussars Busby and Cap Lines

British 11th Hussars Busby

RHA British Hat

1th Hussars British

Custom Made British 11th Hussars Busby

We carry a small selection of hats permanently in stock. It is best to contact us directly with your request and queries because we tailor each hat to the customer.  From the construction materials right down to the interior lining. 

Please note: if required the design of the hat can be altered in any way you choose

  • Made to measure in any size
  • Come complete with a plume
  • Comb the fur to lay flat or sit up (spiky)

We can make any historical hat!

Full Design Studio

Full design studio service to offer customers tailor-made items for special events, Send us photographs or draw us a sketch and we can re-create your vision into reality. If we are supplied with enough material to work from we can reproduce any given project very accurately. All our clothing is manufactured with great care and to the highest standards of workmanship. Choose from our range of high-quality reenactment clothing, military jackets, professional impersonators costumes, We can replicate near or less anything…

British 11th Hussars Busby – The Jacket Shop UK

Busby or Colback is a fur headpiece that is of Turkish origin. The Colback usually had a plume at the front. The Colback worn by officers, elite companies of hussars, and chasseurs in the French army. Under Napoleon during the French Directory and the First French Empire…

(Prince Albert’s Own) established in 1715 the 11th Hussars was a cavalry regiment of the British Army. It saw service for three centuries including the First World War and Second World War but then amalgamated with the 10th Royal Hussars (Prince of Wales’s Own) to form the Royal Hussars in 1969.

The caplines (originally designed to keep the headdress with the rider should it fall off the head),
Were of gold purl cord which, passing through a ring behind the bag, went around the body of the cap three times then around the neck looping onto the breast with olivets on the ends.

Colback Chasseur a Cheval De La Garde French Imperial Guard Busby

British Feathered Cocked Hat – Army General Officers Bicorne

Historical Hussars Military Waistcoat with Silver Embroidered Collar



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