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Steampunk Clothing Ideas – Steampunk costumes represent the period of time when society was steam-powered. Enjoy our gallery of some of our amazing customers with their ideas…

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Steampunk fashion is a subgenre of the steampunk movement in science fiction. It is a mixture of the Victorian era’s romantic view of science in literature and the industrialization in most parts of Europe.

The aesthetics of fashion designed with a post-apocalyptic era. At the first steampunk convention, “SalonCon”, in 2006, steampunk enthusiasts dressed up in costumes reflecting that era. The costumes included clothing, hairstyling, jewelry, body modification, and make-up. Steampunk fashion has later gone on to include gadgets and contrasting accoutrements.

Initially, clothes such as bustiers, bodices’, jackets, and other items were mostly handmade and customized.  But as the steampunk movement grew, entrepreneurs and companies became interested and started to mass-produce steampunk clothing to be sold both online and walk-in stores. Since the genre emerged, the aesthetic of steampunk fashion has remained constant.

New ideas in literature and advancements in science and technology have resulted in subtle changes. Even though the genre did not become widely known until the late 20th century.  Steampunk fashion existed earlier. During the 1980s and 1990s, steampunk fashion grew along with the goth and punk movements in fashion. Cyberpunk and dieselpunk fashion are variants of the steampunk fashion of the 1980s.

Contact us with your steampunk clothing ideas, Whether you send us pictures or draw us a sketch, we can accurately reproduce anything to satisfy your deepest imagination.

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