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David Hemming Charge Of The Light Brigade Jacket
David Hemming Charge Of The Light Brigade Jacket
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Customer Gallery

Are you an impersonator or arist, have you got a photo of yourself wearing our clothing? Please contact us if you wish it to be included on this page. a free advertising link to your blog or web site will be included...

Full Design Studio - Send us photographs or draw us a sketch, we will be more than happy to work with you and re-create your vision into reality, we can reproduce anything exact if we are given enough material to work on.


Thank you to Willem & Kim for their compliments....

Hello Robert,
To let you know the uniforms were perfect in every way. And they helped create an incredible wedding. When the photographers are done I will make sure to send you professional shots, but here's a snapshot of them in use with the regimental belts and aquilettes. Thanks again for the fine garments and craftsmanship.
Willem & Kim

Thank you Jennifa d'arcRaven for the wonderful photograph and compliments we received concerning the custom military uniform we made for Caden Hunter Lorenzi, national figure skating champion...

Thank you to Adam Padwick for the compliments and looking superb before the concert

Good day to you Daniel,

Finally went to see Adam Ant play in Southampton on Friday night ... got sooooo much attention over jacket, with fans wanting pictures of me wearing it....I'm so very pleased with the whole look and finish on the jacket, just like to  again thank you for such a wonderful job... can't thank you enough.
Pic attached 

If ever I I'm in need of military jackets you will definitely be the first place I'll contact, I have already started mentioning where I got it from.

Kind regards
Adam Padwick

Thank you Tosin for sending this lovely picture of him wearing our uniform on his special day..

Thank you Marty for sending us this wonderful photograph of him wearing our bespoke minister's jacket...We are specialists in military uniforms & bespoke tailored design projects...


Thank you to Spike Goodall looking extremely handsome in our Hussars Dolman

Thank you Jean Christophe Born for sending the photo of him looking splendid in theatre, wearing a custom version of our General A.W. Thorneycroft Uniform


Thank you Andrew for the handsome picture of him wearing our Richard Sharpe's 95th Rifles Uniform


Thank you Suzen for sending this wonderful photo of our uniforms being used on stage


Thank you Alex (far left) for forwarding us this superb wedding picture of him wearing a custom version of Prince Alberts Coat


Thank you to Paul for forwarding us this superb wedding picture of him wearing our Admirals Uniform

We also specially tailored the uniform in minature for their baby son but unfortunately he cried and refused to wear it...


Thank you Dr. Antonio for sending the picture of our uniforms being worn at an equestrain  in Spain


Thank you Silvia for sending the lovely photo of her wearing our Jimi Hendrix jacket


Another beautiful picture of Julie and Martin wearing our jackets at the Haworth Steampunk weekend in November 2018


A beautiful picture of Kåre and Anne Løwe with Kåre wearing our Hussars Uniform


Thank you to William (Professional Performer) for the superb picture wearing our The Greatest Showman ringmasters costume


Thank you Olivier Delfosse for the handsome picture of him wearing our Adam and The Ants Stand and Deliver Waistcoat


It Is always very rewarding for our whole team when we receive good feedback about the quality of our clothing, especially this review recently received by our good customer Jon M. Ausman


Today, 2 October 2018, Gilded Magazine (Issue 40, Volume 1) published as the lead feature an eight-page spread the featured a uniform created by The Jacket Shop.  All the photos in the feature are attached.  The credits state "Uniform:  The Jacket Shop".

There is another magazine coming out on 25 October 2018 which Barbie and I should land the cover story.  When it comes out I will send it to you if you wish.

Thanks for the great uniform.  I am glad to promote your quality products.

Jon M. Ausman


Thank you Mr Alex Aleso for sending us this superb picture of him wearing our custom made jacket,

(Please note Alex sent us only pictures and sketches to work from)


VJ Johnny Blitz wearing a customised version of our Adam Ant Jacket


A huge thank you Lutz Reike for sending this beautiful wedding photographs of him wearing our French Guard Chasseur a cheval Cape (Tunic, Pelisse & Trousers)


A big thank you Jon M. Ausman for sending this superb photographs of him wearing our Hussars Uniform

Photography by Rewski Photography


Thank you to Mr.Mirandola from Italy for sending this superb photo of him wearing our Hussars Pelisse / Uniform


A big thank you to Luuk de Hoog (https://www.facebook.com/luuk.dehoog) for sending these superb photographs of him wearing our Prussian Death's Head Hussar Tunic Uniform

Photography by Cospixcreation https://www.facebook.com/CosPixCreation/


A big thank you to Marc for sending this superb photo of him wearing our Silver Braid Hussars Tunic at The Time Museum, Upton, Nottinghamshire 2018


 Mad Hatter Photography https://www.facebook.com/madhatterfotografie/


A lovely picture of David wearing our Stand & Deliver Waistcoat at a splendid day out at the steampunk festival in Morecambe


A big thank you to Marc for sending this superb photo of him wearing our David Hemming Charge Of The Light Brigade Jacket at the Retford Steampunk Ball 2018


Thank you Michael for sending us these two lovely weddding photographs of him wearing our David Hemming Charge Of The Light Brigade Jacket



A big thank you to Michael for sending this superb photo of him wearing our Hussars Uniform


Thank you Sean for sending us the superb photo of him wearing our custom uniform - Banastre Tarleton of The British Legion..


A big thank you to Herve Mssson for sending this superb photo of him wearing our custom tunic


A big thank you to Johnny Blitz for sending this superb pic of him wearing our Adam Ant Waistcoat

Johnny Blitz on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/VJJohnnyBlitz/


Thank you Tim (on the right) for sending us this superb cosplay photo wearing a customized version our our The Fall Waiscoat

A big thank you to Michael for sending this superb photo of him wearing our Hussars Uniform


A big thank you to Richard Swan for sending this superb photo of him wearing our Adam Ant Stand & Deliver Waistcoat


A big thank you to Heinrich for sending this superb photo of him wearing our Royal Naval Captains Uniform


Thank you Dave Jenkins for sending us this superb photograph wearing our Hussars Dolman


Thank you to Anthony for sending the superb photo of him wearing our Sharpe's 95th Rifle Jacket



Thank you for the photo Eric, looking very handsome and superb! wearing our Custom Hussars Waistcoat


Thank you to Pro Michael Jackson Impersonator Jason Jackson

(https://jasonjackson.com.au/) for modelling our jacket


A big thank you to professional contortionist Philipp for sending these superb photos wearing our Hussars Dolman in Silver Braid (Philipp  www.facebook.com/Tigris.contortion  instagram philipp.tigris )


Thank you Christine @sewstine or site www.sewstine.com for sending these exciting photos in cosplay uniform wearing our hussars dolman


Thank you for the photo Massimiliano, looking very handsome and superb! wearing our Musicians Hussars Dolman


Thank you Ling Peng looking very handsome wearing our custom designed Duelists Uniform


Thank you Dave Griffiths for sending us this superb photograph of the gentlemen wearing our jackets at Haworth steampunk weekend..


Thank you for the photo Richard (wearing our Charge of Light Brigade Tunic and Military Waiscoat)


Thank you Anne Løwe for sending the superb photo of the guys looking very handsome wearing our uniforms


Thank you Izzy Rock looking supreb and very handsome wearing our hendrix jacket (Black fur Version)

Quote and feedback from Izzy " Absolutely please let your team know how amazing thy are in executing these types of jackets with such perfection. I can't wait to make my next purchase!!  Will send you a picture momentarily it would be an honor to have my photo on your website thanks again you guys rock!! The jacket shop is number 1 no one or nothing even comes close to what  you guys do!  Izzy rock!!


Thank you Robert for sending the photo looking very handsome wearing our British Tailcoat


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