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Are you an impersonator or arist, have you got a photo of yourself wearing our clothing? Please contact us if you wish it to be included on this page. a free advertising link to your blog or web site will be included...

Thank you Zhang Jiajun - wearing our Custom Made Military Frock Coat

Thank you Mike Volkerding - wearing our Neil Diamond Sequin Jacket

Quote: Dear Daniel, Please find attached photo of me wearing the beautiful tunic you made for me. It thrilled me beyond expectation. Sorry it's been so long coming. If you would like more photos let me know. Thank you Marco (Keyboards in Son of Man Band)


Quote: Hi Daniel , The three jackets arrived yesterday and picked it up today from the post station. We are absolutly happy with the final results!  Every single jacket fits perfect on our body shapes and they look just brilliant. We want to say from the bottom of our hearts Thank You for that wonderful work you have done! And thank you so much that the delivery time went so fast.  I attached a little picture on this mail that we have made this morning. If you don't mind we'd like to send you a professional one when we have done our foto shooting some pictures from a live concert as well. The band and our whole time wish you all the best and thanks again for these three masterpieces,  Best regards, Denes (Final Star Band)

Thank you David - wearing our Jimi Hendrix Jacket   quote:… my tailored Jimi Hendrix Hussars jacket from the Jacket Shop is absolutely spectacular. Its perfect fit and stunning quality exceeded my expectation. The Jacket Shop was easy and professional to work with and their care evident in all aspects the jacket tailoring, customer service and packing for international shipment. Many thanks to the Jacket Shop.

Thank you Alex Taylor Experience - wearing a red version of our Jimi Hendrix Jacket

(Thank you for the picture Kevin, (wearing our Tunic and Cape at Venetian Carnival events Venice)

(Thank you Bella and Benny wearing our ringmaster jackets, (Circus Soluna

Thank you Andrew for sending us this great photo of him wearing our Prussian Pelisse

Thank you Ed Kitlowski for sending us this great photo of him wearing our Hussars wasitcoat

Thank you Valerie for sending us this superb picture of your handsome son proudly wearing our Blues & Royals Uniform...


Thank you Richard (wearing our Hussars Tunic & Pelisse)

Thank you ' Buguler ' Bobby Crick for sending us this great photo wearing our Kings Troop Uniform

Thank you Danny Dash Andrews (Michael Jackson Impersonator) for sending us this great photo wearing our Michael Jackson Jacket

Thank you Phillip for sending us this great photo wearing our Adam Ant Jacket

Thank you Mike for sending us this great photo wearing our Bane Coat

Thank you Carol & Band 6 Pence for sending us this great photo wearing our Freddie Mercury Jacket:

Thank you Steven for sending us this great photo wearing our guards uniform:


Thank you for the photo Richard (wearing our Charge of Light Brigade Tunic and Military Waiscoat)


Thank you for the photo The Detroit Party Marching Band


Thank you for the photo Kevin (wearing our tunic & cape at Venetian Carnival events Venice)


Thank you Cody,, (wearing our custom designed ringmasters Jacket)

Thank you for the photo Alex Taylor Experience wearing our Red and Black JIm Hendrix Jackets

Thank you for the photo Richard (wearing our Crimean 11th-Hussars-Pelisse)


Thank you for the photo Robert (wearing our Hussars Dolman)


Thank you Wing Tao for the photo (wearing our Adam Ant Tunic)


Our The Fall Waistcoat ; featuring in America Idiot The Musical at The Arts Theater London


Thank you for photo Kevin Garza (wearing our Michael Jackson Tunic)
Thank you for the photo Richard (wearing our Hussars Tunic and Cape)
Thank you Dawn Vander Veen Jnr
Thank you for the photo Tomothy (wearing our Adam Ant Tunic)
Thank you Keith Chagall
Thank you: Steve Jameson
Thank you: Alex Taylor Experience


Thank you: Missy Cartee


Thank you for the photo Richard (wearing our uniform)


Thank you: Rafa Jimenez


Thank you: Peggy wolf (wearing our Thriller Jacket)


Thank you: Nick Lang


Thank you for the photo Richard (wearing our  Military Waiscoat)


Thank you: Nico


Thank you: Kevin Garza (wearing our MJ costumes)


Thank you: Rob (wearing our wolverine xmen jacket)


Thank you Roman for sending us this great photo wearing our uniform


Thank you: Vivien & Cristiano (micheal jackson costumes)


Thank you: Tim (wearing our customized wolverine jackets)


Thank you: Kenneth (wearing out white beat it jacket)


Thank you Arris Waterman 

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